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About Us

Bird Down Brand Co was founded in 2018 due to the invention of the Ultimate Shotgun Rest. The Ultimate Shotgun Rest is a field accessory but not limited to Field Hunters. It is a product for anyone who wants to protect their investment and prevent any damage to their shotgun while in the field.

The Ultimate Shotgun Rest took over a year to design and bring to life even though the idea had been thought about many years ago. I remember being 12 years old Dove Hunting with my dad, uncle and Popo (grandfather) and I would" hear don’t lean that shotgun on a tree or that truck”. I didn’t want to break a bead or scratch my grandfather’s 870 Ducks Unlimited but where would I set it if I needed more shells or want to get something to drink. Years passed and now having my own sons I found myself telling them the same thing “watch where you put those shotguns” but still had no solution.

After a 28-year career with the same corporate company (my first job) I took a leap of faith and decided to part ways to pursue my idea that I had for so many years. Today that idea is a reality and I now have a solution for protecting my investments “my shotguns” while out in the field and hope you feel the same.

Thank you for visiting and shopping with us. Remember to always practice safety no matter what type of gun you have in your hands. Cherish the memories you make with your family and friends while you’re in the field and Happy Shooting!!!!


Bird Down Brand Co